At Saint James we have celebrated more than One Hundred Years of Godís blessings as a congregation!

Itís inspiring to look back at all that the Lord has done for us and through us over the years. How many lives have been touched with the Good News of Jesus Christ through the countless baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals that have taken place at Saint James during the last century? How many families and individuals have grown in their faith and love toward God through the thousands of Sunday morning and special services held in our sanctuary?

By Godís grace and with the pious and faithful work of hundreds of our current and past members, we enjoy a wonderful heritage. We have been truly blessed as a congregation.

But now the question needs to be asked: How can we ensure that this wonderful heritage will be passed down? What legacy are we leaving for future generations at Saint James?

As each of us prepares our estate plan, we make provisions for children and grandchildren, but we are also encouraged to remember Saint James, Concordia Preparatory School, The Lutheran Mission Society and other agencies of the Church which have touched our lives.  Your legacy may include property, personal possessions and family heirlooms, and maybe money in the bank, but your greatest legacy will be the lessons you have shared with loved ones.  Your bold statement of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior demonstrated in your support for His work on earth will leave the greatest legacy to your children and to their children for generations to come.

To find out about specific giving and support opportunities, contact the church office.
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